Toukiden 2 – XboxOne

Toukiden 2 XboxOne

As the hero of Toukiden 2 the player takes control of a warrior character known as a “slayer” who fought in the Twilight Yokohama Defensive War. In the midst of battle, he leapt forward 10 years and washed ashore in a village, leaving his memory behind.

The open-world is inhabited by a number of demons known as “oni” that appear from a different world. If players encounter a demon they will be able to enter a fight with it. In fighting these oni the familiar combat mechanic of targeting specific body parts to weaken and destroy them is used, but has also received various strategic improvements.

The foreign world that will becomes both a battlefield and home for players is an incredibly dangerous place, where their actions are limited and players must build bases — from towns buried in thick forests, temples in boiling lava, and fortresses floating in the sky — to secure their foothold before expanding forward.

As a hunting action game it is only fitting that the familiar online multiplayer element remains in tact. Furthermore, a new type of co-op play is said to be planned.

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