The Order 1886 – XBOX ONE

The Order 1886 XBOXONE

After several weeks, Galahad escapes captivity in the Westminster Catacombs and attempts to flee only to be cornered. Facing re-imprisonment, Galahad throws himself off a ledge into the River Thames and is recovered by Nikola Tesla, the Order’s armourer. Fearing that Tesla has come under suspicion, Galahad returns to Westminster in an attempt to extract him. He finds Tesla alive but also encounters Lucan in the laboratory. The two fight a second time with Galahad emerging the victor. The mortally wounded Lucan expresses regret for having betrayed the Order, claiming that he only did so in order to save his race from extinction. The two are discovered by the Lord Chancellor, who confesses his knowledge of Lucan’s true nature. He reveals to Galahad that centuries before he had fought and destroyed an entire tribe of Lycans, but couldn’t bring himself to kill the infant Lucan, who he adopted as a son instead. The Lord Chancellor orders that evidence of Lucan’s betrayal may not be used to exonerate Galahad and must be kept a secret for the sake of the Order. Still unwilling to kill his son, he leaves Galahad to administer the coup de grace. The two former comrades reconcile, and a remorseful Galahad raises his weapon and fires, killing Lucan, as the screen cuts to black.

In a post-credits scene, Galahad is seen on the roof of a building overlooking London, which has been put under martial law. He is warned by Tesla over the radio that the police could strike anytime and that they should leave the city immediately. Galahad reminds Tesla that he is “Galahad no more”.

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