StarCraft Remastered – XboxOne

StarCraft Remastered XboxOne

The Terrans are intrepid colonists, generations removed from Earth and governed by a failing Confederacy. Among the dilapidated fringe worlds, Marshal Jim Raynor joins up with a no-nonsense psionic assassin named Sarah Kerrigan and a group of aspiring freedom fighters to survive the destructive first contact of Protoss and Zerg. Soon, planets throughout the sector spiral into all-out war, and Raynor realizes he may have signed up for something much bigger than mere survival.

Sarah Kerrigan came of age in the Confederacy’s top-secret Ghost program: a government initiative that identified—and “recruited”—children with high psionic potential. After graduating from the cutthroat academy, she earned her canister rifle and light-refracting stealth suit, and served the Confederacy with distinction. But, when an anti-Confederate resistance group struck the facility where she’d been subject to torturous psionic experiments, Kerrigan defected.

Sarah has had many masters over her life. Her dedication and competence are clear, but her personal loyalties are hazy. It remains to be seen if her fellow soldiers can be truly loyal to her in turn.

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