The Sexy Brutale – XboxOne

The Sexy Brutale XboxOne

The Sexy Brutale is a lush, deliciously dark game that’s part murder mystery, part puzzle-adventure.Taken individually, the components of the gameplay in The Sexy Brutale are not groundbreaking: time reversal, stealth, and puzzle-solving are fun, but not innovative, elements. How they’re combined in this game, however, is fresh and unusual. The fantastic art and flawless execution of the game make this one must-have for fans of the genre.

Great Game, unique music, great art work, Good narrative and very good script. The characters are quite interesting, the music envolving each scene, the mansion, it’s not too long and thats true but you will enjoy it for sure.

Great game, great music, great mechanics, great art… It has an innovative gameplay and makes the mansion feel like a giant puzzle that needs to be solved. Something that surprised me is that its narrative is also surprising, it’s not only about saving all that people without a purpose… But yeah, it feels good saving all that people. The only negative point of it is that it’s too short, 5-6 hours, but my money was well spent.

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1 Comment

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    C mon guys, seed please!

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