Sea of Thieves – Xbox One

Sea of Thieves Xbox One

Sea of Thieves is an upcoming action-adventure video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One, set for release in 2017.

The game is purported to have elements of first-person gameplay and features user-generated content, in which players have the ability to craft their custom stories by using in-game tools. The game will feature co-op gameplay, and is set in an open world multiplayer environment.
Microsoft, makers of the Xbox One entertainment console, is spending more time concentrating on its exclusive games instead of marketing deals. At least, from the outside that appears to be true. 2015 was stacked with exclusive games for Xbox and marked the first time owners of Sony’s PS4 received Call of Duty content earlier than their brethren on Xbox One. The avalanche of exclusive Xbox games continues in the latter half of 2016. Halo Wars 2 and Gears of War 4 are both coming. Joining them is the Sea of Thieves release.

Sea of Thieves is a pirate game. That’s the simplest way to put it, really. Players help crew a massive battle ship, one that they’re free to command or simply take orders on. Microsoft first revealed the Sea of Thieves release at its Xbox Media Briefing in 2015, committing to a launch sometime in 2016.
What if you could be a pirate? What if your friends could be your crew? What if you could make those friends walk the plank and follow your orders. Those are the questions that Rare is asking with the Sea of Thieves release.

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