Lego City Undercover – XboxOne

Lego City Undercover XboxOne

Responding to questions, Lego described the game as both a “re-release” and a “remastered” version for new platforms. It remains unclear whether this is a straight port or if improvements and content additions will be included.“More information will be coming over the next couple of months..stay tuned,” the company added.Unlike many other Lego video games, Lego City Undercover is based on an original story where players take control of an undercover police officer named Chase McCain to bring criminals to justice.“By the time Lego City Undercover’s story comes to an end, you have guided Chase through every action-movie circumstance imaginable, and have probably seen the ‘twists’ coming a mile away. And that’s perfectly OK,” said Kevin VanOrd in GameSpot’s Lego City Undercover review.“The game knows you know where it’s going, and it has fun at its own expense … There are bigger, more complex, more beautiful open-world games on the market. But none of them are this good at making you feel so young at heart.”

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