The gameplay of H1Z1 emphasizes on multiplayer cooperation, trading, and team-building. In an interview with Adam Clegg from Sony Online Entertainment, he made clear that unlike other zombie massively multiplayer online games, the main focus will be about surviving against the zombies through teamwork with other players, rather than having a player versus player (PvP) environment with zombies as a backdrop. The ability to craft items has been implemented.
H1Z1 is a survival sandbox massively multiplayer online game in development by Daybreak Game Company (formerly Sony Online Entertainment). H1Z1 is currently being developed for Microsoft Windows and eventually PlayStation 4 in 2015.

The game is set during a zombie apocalypse in the rural United States, in which players will have to survive against the natural elements, hordes of zombies, and thousands of potentially hostile survivors through interaction, scavenging for resources, building shelters, and crafting.

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