Freedom Planet 2 – Xbox One

Freedom Planet 2 Xbox One

Freedom Planet is a platform video game in two dimensions created by independent developer GalaxyTrail, a studio set up for the project by designer Stephen DiDuro. The player controls one of three animal anthropomorphic protagonists: lilac dragon, wild cat Carol, or basset Milla. Helped by the pair of duck-like, the player attempts to defeat evil Lord Brevon, who intends to conquer the galaxy. While the game focuses on fast paced platform, its levels are interspersed with slower action scenes.
Freedom planet began development as Sonic the Hedgehog fangame but DiDuro lost interest to create a derivative work and designed the project as its own intellectual property. He visited the site to recruit DeviantArt artist Ziyo Ling, who replaced the existing cast of characters with itself. Lilac, originally a hedgehog, became a dragon; Eggman antagonist was replaced by Brevon; and ring-based health system in the Sonic series was abandoned. Other changes were suggested by fans and incorporated during development. Freedom Planet was developed in Denmark and the US and its artistic direction of East Asian influences: his background visuals were inspired by medieval Chinese art, and the game title is written in katakana.
The game was released for Microsoft Windows, first as a demo in August 2012, when after a successful Kickstarter campaign and some delays-as a full game via Steam July 21, 2014. A version for Wii U console was announced in March 2015, but has been reported that in August due to an annoying glitch; however, the game was finally released successfully on 1st October 2015. The freedom planet has been widely compared to the Sega Genesis Sonic games. Critics have praised its gameplay, aesthetics, and the balance of Sonic elements with original content, but were more mixed on the pace and length.

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1 Comment

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