Destiny The Taken King – Xbox One

Destiny The Taken King Xbox One

A redesigned user interface, it is easy to track tasks, and completing numerous quests lines never felt like busywork because enemies taken smartly designed and bosses. Fate is a game where shooting is constant action, but each outlet provides a separate attack style that contributes to the already excellent combat sandbox. Psions Corrupted divided into copies; Captains taking you flush the cover and temporarily blind you; Goblins Corrupted do anything temporarily invincible jack via an attachment energy. New and different tactics like these kept me on the edge of my seat, and I continue to learn how they fight for hours after the campaign ended.

Bosses benefit from this new creative direction as well. I’d never seen anything like tense final meeting of the Cell Sunless where you are trapped in a dimly lit arena with a deadly Darkblade as he teleports around the room to chop your squad with a heavy ax. Some bosses that appear in the Court of Oryx are risky – as Loaar, a Hive assistant who momentarily gets tired whenever he teleports, transforming it into easy target practice – but overall, the bosses of King Taken are memorable, complex, and nothing like big sponges balls we fought last year.

To combat them, Jack King expands the Guardians capacity by introducing a third subclass of option which complements the existing capabilities of each guard and allows complete character classes. The new special ability Nightstalker allows hunters to attach a group of enemies and restrict their movements so that the rest of a party may bring damaging precision shots and increase their DPS. This ability to support style is a first for the class and a great addition to their ability to be team players, since hunters have so far never benefited anyone in the Fireteam.

Titans and Warlocks get their own impressive capabilities: Sunbreaker Titans can launch a special hammer midrange to free a fierce barrage of strikes, and Stormcaller capacity Warlock explosions on a powerful discharge which is great if you need to trim down a crowd of enemies. The different combinations of capabilities keep fighting Destiny very mobile and powerful, setting up opportunities to release faster and higher DPS attacks against enemies or bosses.

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