Destiny 2 – XboxOne

Destiny 2 XboxOne

The first Destiny remains a console-only affair, despite bridging two generations of gaming systems, so it’ll be interesting to see what Bungie can do for the PCers. Gun perks that enhance aim assist, while great on joysticks, will likely be less significant for mouse and keyboard players. And a PC version would be a helluva lot easier to datamine for spoilers, too…

We have a full article just for Destiny 2’s story, based on hints found in the original game and connections from the grimoire to real-life mythology. And it wouldn’t be Destiny if it wasn’t really hard to summarize. But suffice to say it looks like Eris Morn, the Cult of Osiris, and even The Traveler itself will soon be cast in an entirely new light. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and the people who say they’re your friends but seem kinda sketchy closest of all.

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