Ace Attorney 6 – Xbox One

Ace Attorney 6 Xbox One

Located in the far west of Asia, Kurain is a kingdom of mediums, with a religion centered around its founder. Its judicial system has undergone a radical change, based on the oracles of a water mirror to determine that the murder victims have seen before being killed, and pass judgment accordingly. Prosecutor Nayuta Sadmadhi led police force that works to capture and silence those who challenge the judgments of the oracle. The remains of those who wear the badge object of the lawyer in a court which only produces convictions and leaves no room for rebuttal.

Meanwhile, in a distant country of the notion of persecuting lawyers, Phoenix Wright and Athena Cykes support the cause of their client in court against the Attorney Simon Blackquill. After the trial adjourned, they join Apollo Justice and speak Maya Fey, who is Kurain visit to the training on the mind. In his training sessions, Fey is assisted by a local boy named Bokuto Tsuani. Commenting on his role as the next Master of Kurain Village, he compares it to LeIFA Padma Kurain, the princess of the kingdom, which interprets the spiritual visions that come from the water mirror.

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