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Windjammers – Xbox360

Windjammers Xbox360

Each player has a powerful signature throw. To execute these special moves you must stand where a lobbed or popped-up disc is going to land and power up your throw by mashing or holding the throw button. A player can pop-up a disc by hitting the catch button at the correct time. These moves can be countered but if received too far back they will knock an opponent into the goal. Slower characters are less prone to being knocked back.

There are six characters to choose from, with specific abilities and their own court fit for their skills. A single game consists of short sets of thirty seconds or the first person to score 15 or more points. The games are finished by the first person to get to two wins. If there is a tie at 2-2 via tied set then a sudden death round will be played to find the winner.

In the console version two mini-games are included in-between levels: Dog Distance, a platforming fetch game with a dog and Flying Disc Bowling.

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