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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – XBOX 360

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege XBOX360

The game will also feature heavy emphasis on destruction, which is one of the major reasons lead to the cancellation of Rainbow Six: Patriots. It is also “the center of the experience” of Siege in accordance to Andrew Witts, the game’s designer. A procedural destruction system is featured in the game. Players can break structures by planting explosives on them, or to make bullet holes on walls by shooting it. The environments of the game feature a layered material system, in which environmental objects of different materials will show different reactions to player’s attack. Players may gain tactical advantages through environmental destruction, and that the system aims at encouraging players to utilize creativity and strategy. In order to create a realistic gameplay, a bullet penetration system will be featured, in which bullets deal less damage when they hit enemies through structures. In addition to destruction, players can also built fortified barriers and shields around them for protection, but can be destroyed through breaching and utilizing melee-weapons like hammers. In order to stop attackers’ attacks, defenders can place traps like barbed-wire around the maps. Different modes will be featured in the final game, with the first mode shown being the Hostage Mode, in which attackers must extract the hostage, either male of female, from the defenders, while the defenders must prevent that from happening.

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    Hello guys, does anyone know where I can find the savegame folder?

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  9. iwhykid

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    Uhm…I know I’m the dumbest guy here, but can anyone tell me if this has Multiplayer or not? Oh yeah, just cause I feel like it..I am the first comment and first download! xD

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    btw do i need to have Witcher 2 only SKIDROW version for this or just install this and boom im in ?


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    wow still in the top 100. nicee.
    loved this game

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