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Shiness The Lightning Kingdom – Xbox360

Shiness The Lightning Kingdom Xbox360

An amazingly fresh game that is different than anything else you’ve ever played. Shiness feels like a combination between Ocarina of Time and Tekken in its mix up between combat and adventure. The cartoon style and bright colors makes for an incredible graphic appeal while the use of comic book frame animations for cut scenes keeps them from getting routine. Shiness is a one of the few games in which I dont want to skip all the dialogue and cut scenes

Shiness: The Lighting Kingdom
A game that grows on you.
In shiness the lighting kingdom you play as chado trying to get to the source of the evil shi…
And as you progress through the story you unlock companions that join in on your adventure…
This game took a while for me to like…
It’s a very awkward feeling game… and from the combat to the platforming its stiff…
Even by the games end I still wasn’t in love… but I did come to ultimately enjoy this game…
The worst part of this game is the puzzles…
Each character has a unique ability that lets them solve pieces to puzzles that stop game progression…

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1 Comment

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    Great torrent! Worked great for me with no lag.

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