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Rise Shine Xbox360

You play as a boy named Rise who got a living gun (named Shine) from the fallen legendary hero, who looks quite similar to Link (The Legend of Zelda). And now it is your job to save Gamearth from the Space Grunt invasion. On your way you will meet many different characters and it’s clear that some of them are inspired by other famous video game characters. Starting with small things like the Flappy Bird flying in the air to… guess who’s the King of Gamearth? It’s a me, M…King of Gamearth! Yeah, the game intentionally copied some video game characters but changed small details in their appearance and, of course, gave them other names (obviously due to copyright).

The whole game makes fun of many game clichés, stereotypes and surreal things in games like respawns, flying objects and others. The dialogues offer some jokes, and there is even black humor in the game (some dead bodies hanging next to other decorations on a tree).

The gameplay is a mix of shooting and solving puzzles. One moment you are jumping around, dashing left and right, shooting your enemies and hiding behind objects, the other moment you are staying still, thinking how to solve a puzzle and then leading your bullet on its way to a lever or button or an enemy’s head, making a mess all over the floor. But the real action comes when you have to do both at the same time. Shooting some drones that are defending a boss and then staying still and controlling the movement of your bullet while this boss is throwing grenades at you.
The game offer you to choose from different ammo types and types of shooting and you have to choose the right combination for each moment. Killing some grunts? Take the usual bullets and do it! Choose the electric shots for taking out mechanical enemies. Homing missiles to solve most puzzles and the grenade to boom up places you can’t reach with direct shots.
I really enjoyed every moment of the gameplay but you have to get used to the dead angle of your gun not letting you shoot any way you want.

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