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player first philosophy Project CARS extends its meaty career mode too, which is divided in the racing open wheel, touring and GT racing and racing prototype. They differential key point is that, while there are a number of available levels to progress through each, you can start your career where you want it. You want to start in karts and work your way through the various open-wheel racing leagues before eventually landing a seat in the top LMP1 league? No problem. Instead go straight up? Not a problem. Enjoy your stay in GT4? Re-sign for another season and another. You do not have to move if you do not want. Start wherever you like, stay where you want.

It is not quite different from Pro Race Driver Codemasters games, and more recently Grid Autosport; the idea is to simply win drives with different race teams. Offers stays in the race season ahead of team leaders will email your career; all you have to do is accept the one you want. The team provides the car, so there is no need to grind for cash or buy cars. You just need to perform as well as you can throughout the season. I like what he did try to challenge myself, and there’s a lot more satisfaction to glean a real duel to defend a top-10 in Project CARS that there agriculture was in first place trophies for money in other racing games.

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