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In February 2014, the developers announced the ongoing development, which was expected since October 2009, adding another planet to both existing (and Earth Middle Earth fiction) – March. Also in 2014, they stated that “ultimately the entire solar system must be accessible” in a single game on Twitter.

In 2013, a separate nonprofit group motivated amateurs published a first version of field data Middle-earth compiled Outerra. The purpose of the Digital Elevation Model project, which was launched by Oshyan Greene and Carl Lingard in 2006, is what they summarize as “living, breathing Middle-earth” – a very detailed model that includes rivers, vegetation, buildings, roads and underground features. The sources for maps include maps of Tolkien (such as those in The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion), Strachey Journeys of Frodo, The Atlas of Middle-earth Fonstad, locations used in the films of Peter Jackson and fan made maps.

Outerra developers released an alpha tech-demo for engine called Anteworld (the name comes from the Latin prefix ante mortem, meaning prior to the time – “A world that was”) which is a digital replica of the planet Earth at a scale 1: 1. the virtual world can be explored in a free camera mode and in vehicles such as airplanes, boats and cars. It also has a first mode person walking. In the mirror world of real-world data was used – ingame user can blend into a Google Maps integrated real Earth that is synchronized with the current position of the camera. Since June 2013 Anteworld provides support for Oculus Rift. In addition, objects made by the user such as houses and vehicles can be generated and used in the sandbox game. While tech-demo is free some features require an upgrade fee of $ 15 full version. A companion novel is loosely linked to the game written by C. Shawn Smith is expected as well.

Back aboard an interstellar colonization ship built in the era of the golden humanity, players arrive on planet earth to discover the civilization and humanity disappeared. They will rebuild civilization – exploration, fighting, and the competition for resources while searching for clues to the disappearance of humanity. The game will contain several modes, the base will be a single player game, but with football pitches being built synchronized and replicated between clients. This means that player can move into a free slot of his choice where he can build and play, and when it will explore will be able to observe and visit other sites.

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