Surf World Series – PS4

Surf World Series PS4

With tens of thousands of customisations, in Surf World Series you’ll have the freedom to design your own slick style and stand out from the crowd with your very own signature surfer. As you build up your skillset, performing new tricks and ranking up, you’ll unlock countless classic and original designs, with everything from wetsuits, boards, patterns and more.The wave system in Surf World Series was custom built to not only create a wave that looks and feels stellar, but also to have the swell behave as naturally as possible. You’ll feel the current pull against your board as you battle to stay balanced, stick the landing on massive aerials and ride out the heaviest waves. Without your toes on the sand, it doesn’t get much closer to the authentic surf experience than this.As developers, our goal was to capture the vibes that make surfing culture what it is – we amped up the intensity with powerful oceans, stunning backdrops and simple arcade gameplay. Surf World Series is easy to get into, but pulling off epic stunts and new school tricks makes it deceptively difficult to master. It takes timing, precision, and most of all, the drive to take on treacherous tubes and monster waves, or dominate the competition online.

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1 Comment

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