Steel Division Normandy 44 – PS4

Steel Division Normandy 44 PS4

While your division serves almost like a deck of cards that you select prior to a battle, the troops you will actually be taking into the field, called a Battlegroup, are 30-40 units chosen from this roster on a mission-by-mission basis. These can include anything from a superheavy German Tiger tank (which are controlled individually), down to a platoon of infantry (which are controlled as a group of roughly 10 riflemen or a single machine gun crew, rather than as individual units). These units will attempt to push and pull a dynamic front line that moves as you take and lose terrain, with victory points assigned based on how much of the map you control.

In addition to a singleplayer campaign, Normandy ‘44 will support up to 10 vs 10 in online multiplayer, with the most colossal brawls taking place on maps large enough that they can be broken into chunks and used piecemeal for smaller engagements. Ranked and casual matches will be available, across a “tremendous” number of maps. I wasn’t provided with any hard numbers, but Eugen assured me it would be “two to three times the usual” in similar games.
Each battle takes place in three phases, which is where one of the most interesting strategic elements comes in. Certain units in your battlegroup will only be able to be deployed in certain phases based on their strategic speed, which is modeled after real-world logistical realities. You can’t, for instance, blitz the map off the starting line with heavy tanks. In the first phase, only your quickest and lightest units will be available.

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    September 11, 2017 at 17:08

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