Resident Evil 7 – PS4

Resident Evil 7 PS4

While Resident Evil 7 draws from the series’ roots of atmospheric survival horror, it also delivers a new level of terror. In the Resident Evil games of yesteryear, players braced for fear in the first-person via the creepy door-opening scenes, and Resident Evil 7 ramps up that tension with an immersive first-person view and a photorealistic graphical style. Capcom is able to achieve a higher degree of visual fidelity thanks to the new proprietary in-house RE Engine that includes VR oriented tools. With the RE Engine plus industry leading audio and visual technologies, you experience every abhorrent detail up close and personal in Resident Evil 7. Playing the game in the PlayStation VR Mode escalates the unsettling feeling of presence to a level that horror fans have never experienced. The full gameplay experience is available in the included PlayStation VR Mode from beginning to end. No Resident Evil you’ve ever survived could prepare you for this. [Capcom]

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