Mother Russia Bleeds – PS4

Mother Russia Bleeds PS4

Mother Russia Bleeds is an unrelenting, ultra-violent Beat ‘Em Up, brimming with hard-hitting action and game altering psychedelic twists. The game will be playable by up to 4 players.

Set in an alternate U.S.S.R, the story focuses on an imprisoned antihero with a crippling drug addiction as he breaks free and barrels down a journey of hate-filled vengeance.

Mother Russia Bleeds is set in an alternate version of the USSR and follows the exploits of a crew of imprisoned street fighters who must battle an oppressive criminal authority while overcoming forced drug addictions. It’s kind of like Streets of Rage if it were made by Rob Zombie.
There’s also a special edition of the game available which comes with the soundtrack, a documentary called Behind the Schemes (very clever!), and a second copy of the game for users to gift or sell. All pre-orders offer a 10 percent discount off the usual price.

Post-launch plans see the game getting a versus mode for head-to-head fighting, and a boss rush mode.

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