Lock’s Quest – PS4

Locks Quest PS4

Lock’s Quest was well received by most critics. IGN praised most aspects of the game, writing, “Lock’s Quest is by far one of the most original, inspired, and entertaining experiences we’ve had on DS this year.”, receiving an Editors’ Choice Award and DS Game of the Month for September.[1][17][18] criticized the un-skippable cut scenes, but said it “succeeds as both a love letter to, and an evolution of, the tower-defense genre.”[12] Nintendo World Report said Lock’s Quest was “just a few design tweaks away from being a fantastic game.”, claiming that it is “definitely disappointing in light of all its great assets and originality.”[16] GameZone called it “unique” and “perfectly suited for the DS”.[15] GameDaily praised the story, gameplay, graphics and music, and called it “an excellent game.”[19] GameSpot praised the “lengthy single-player campaign, exciting multiplayer, and addictive gameplay.”[14] Eurogamer criticized the battle phase of combat and the enemy artificial intelligence, while praising the “excellent graphics and repetitive but gripping gameplay.”[13] It was a nominee for two Nintendo DS-specific awards from IGN for their 2008 video game awards, including Best Strategy Game[20] and Best New IP.[21] GameSpot nominated it for Best Game No One Played.[22]

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