Gravity Rush 2 – PS4

Gravity Rush 2 PS4

Originally slated for release this December, it’s been announced that Gravity Rush 2 has been delayed to January 20th, 2017, apparently due to the game’s synchronous multiplayer functionality. As an apology to disappointed fans, some DLC planned for Gravity Rush 2 that was originally going to cost money will now be released as a free download.

Free DLC aside, the sequel to the award-winning Gravity Rush is a great deal more ambitious than the first game, and so another reason for the delay could be to allow for further polish. Another explanation is that the early December release window is unusually crowded this year, with Super Mario Maker for 3DS, Dead Rising 4, and The Last Guardian all slated to release within a week of each other. It’s possible that Gravity Rush 2 has been delayed in an effort to avoid such a crowded month, and therefore avoid having too much sales competition.

It’s also worth noting that, not only would Gravity Rush 2 be facing serious sales competition in December in general, but also many of the games releasing that month seem to be titles aimed at the game’s own demographic. The Last Guardian, for example, is another PS4 exclusive developed in Japan, with Sony’s Japan Studio having a hand in the development of both the games. By delaying Gravity Rush 2, the two new games from Japan Studio won’t be competing with each other for consumer dollars.

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