Dead Rising 4 – PS4

Dead Rising 4 PS4

And Dead Rising 4 will welcome four-player cooperative play to complete missions and tear through the horde with friends, or join a quick match and enter a game in progress with randomly matched players.

Though Capcom is tempering all of this new sheen with the old familiar. Dead Rising 4 is, in many ways, a homecoming for the series. It’s headed back to where it all started, Willamette, Colorado, and is once more headed up by freelance photographer and semi-professional zombie slayer Frank West.

But Frank’s a 54-year-old man now — though he looks like he’s just cracked his 30s, a point Capcom and Microsoft specifically made so players would find it easier to identify with him — and though story details are scarce, we know Dead Rising 4 takes place 16 years after the events of the first game.

This time the outbreak has spread near Black Friday, the hallowed annual shopping extravaganza that officially kicks the start of the Christmas Season. And what better place to represent the devastating effects of a viral-outbreak during the peak of the retail season than by returning to the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall.

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