Blade and Soul – PS4

Blade and Soul PS4

If there is one aspect of the PVE experience is worth the recognition, it is the blade and soul environments are gorgeous. They do not feel necessarily consistent, and there is very little to convince you that you are exploring a living world, but the background and flavor of each area are wonderful to watch. Unfortunately, the performance was somewhat uneven as dips frame and carriages were common and not affected by adjusting the graphics settings.

The concept of art is controversial, however, because he insists almost all women to be scantily clad, buxom, and little size. The creator of characters has a good degree of flexibility, but obviously it’s going to. I had a great time hunting for new costumes, for example, and all the elements of an art that I loved, but it is disappointing that many feel like they have been fully designed before someone stealthily with scissors and snipped a night in holes in them. At least the race you choose makes a difference-Yun and chat Lyn as both seem to have more sensitive performances from the Gon Jin.

What finally turned off on the characters was physical embarrassing breasts that caused the chest of every woman, big or small, bouncing around like two helium balloons on a windy day. I realize that the skimpy costumes and absurdly inflatable chests are par for the course in the anime, but the teen fantasy undermines all this, I want to play as a badass fighter, not a hypersexualized doll.
All this would paint blade and soul as another summer it that “Korean MMORPG if there was not a single thing: the excellent player fights against player that feels more like a fighting game an MMO. It is already a popular eSports in the East, and I suspect that this will only continue to grow as Western competitors are joining the ranks.

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