Surf World Series – PS3

Surf World Series PS3

We’re bringing together 5 of the world’s most infamous surfing destinations, including Bells Beach, Australia and Waimea Bay, Hawaii, combining them with a unique selection of original tricks and gear – arcade style. Surf World Series is all about honing and testing your skills against 45 single player challenges designed to push you to the limit, and carving up the competition in online tournaments against up to 15 other surfers across three multiplayer modes.
As developers, our goal was to capture the vibes that make surfing culture what it is – we amped up the intensity with powerful oceans, stunning backdrops and simple arcade gameplay. Surf World Series is easy to get into, but pulling off epic stunts and new school tricks makes it deceptively difficult to master. It takes timing, precision, and most of all, the drive to take on treacherous tubes and monster waves, or dominate the competition online.

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