StarCraft Remastered – PS3

StarCraft Remastered PS3

Blizzard developed the remaster over 12 months. The game’s original artist returned to assist with development. Professional StarCraft players including Flash, Kim Taek-yong, and Lee Jae-dong gave the company feedback during several playtests in South Korea.[3] Blizzard’s president publicly announced the remaster in late March 2017 at a StarCraft event in Seoul, Korea.[2] It was also announced that later that week, Blizzard would make the original games—the StarCraft Anthology—free to download and would include an update with some of the remaster’s features including the ability to run on modern computers.[4] The remaster is planned for release on macOS and Windows in mid-2017.[2] The developer has said that their classic games team plans to further support the community after the remaster’s launch, and will look for feedback on ideas such as voice chat integration.[3]

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