Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – PS3

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard PS3

Resident Evil 7 was properly announced during the Sony conference at E3 2016. However, the concept has been in production for years and even appeared in public back in 2015, cleverly disguised as Capcom’s ‘Kitchen’ VR demo. The Kitchen demo logo had a number ‘7’ hidden in it, much like the actual Resident Evil 7 logo, so we probably should have seen that one coming. When you add up the release info with the Kitchen demo AND the recently released Beginning Hours demo, you start to get a decent picture of what the overall game will be like. So, here’s everything there is to know about Resi 7.

Tell me about the story, then

Ok, the plot of Resi 7 is still a big unknown. That’s no surprise, given that it’ll be a very story-driven game. However, we do know that it exists in the same universe as the previous games (Capcom has gone on record about that), and that you play as an everyman character with no combat skills. Who will that be? Well, you play as two different people in the Beginning Hours demo, but… neither are going to be our guy or gal. For starters this demo is only an indication of the mood and themes of Resi 7 – it isn’t a slice of the actual game. Best guess is that you’ll find video tapes showing the fates of the people in both the Kitchen and Beginning Hours demos.

Other plot details? Capcom says that the name is a big clue about the content, and that Resi is going back to its roots. So, literally, evil within a residence – the evil lives in the house. It’s set on a derelict plantation in rural America, which should be more than enough creepy space to contain the entire game.

The Beginning Hours demo focuses on your character attempting to escape a dilapidated farm-house. He finds a video of what happened to some previous ‘guests’, attempts to flee, and gets knocked out by a hillbilly who says “Welcome to the family, son” as he strikes. There are ghosts in the demo, and some kind of sub-human girl who knifes one of the protagonists in a VHS tape you find (which is what happened in Kitchen). It’s all a bit messed up.

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