Lords of the Fallen 2 – PS3

Lords of the Fallen 2 PS3

Lords of the Fallen 2 is an Action role-playing video game developed by CI and Deck13 Interactive Games. It was released in October 2014 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

The game is divided into acts with hubs and progression of non-linear gameplay through a main central story, with new areas permanently open as the player progresses while being allowed to return to areas already completed. However, each new area has multiple paths, hidden locations and potential shortcuts and secrets to discover. On the way, the player will also encounter NPCs that offer more information, knowledge, and in many cases, give additional tasks to the player for more rewards. In the dialogue, the player can also make choices with some characters and quests. The game uses a system of checkpoints that the player must locate and may choose to use to save, replenish consumables, such as healing potions, and improve their character.

Lords of the Fallen uses a “risk and reward” system regarding upgrading Harkyn. The amount of experience, the player can earn for use can be increased with a multiplier that built the player mixes combo attacks or avoids the use of checkpoints and spend their experiences. If a control point is used, the multiplier is reset. If a player dies during the fight, they will appear at the last checkpoint they used, but already defeated non-boss enemies respawning back in the original location across the world in the game and lose all unspent experience they have gained since their last spent any. At this point, a timer starts, the player must return to the place they are dead last to regain what they have lost previously. However, if time or if the player dies again before reaching this point, the unspent experience, they had lost before will be lost for good.

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