Hand of Fate 2 – PS3

Hand of Fate 2 PS3

If you’re attending PlayStation Experience, you should swing by the Defiant Development booth! We’ve got a brand new demo showcasing the big features of Hand of Fate 2 — the Dealer’s Challenge Board, our powerful new deckbuilder, and the debut of our new companion character, Captain Estrella Fiore. More about her later.
So let’s talk about Hand of Fate 2! Like its predecessor, (Hand of Fate 1, available for purchase on all good Playstation Stores) Hand of Fate 2 mixes deck-building collectible card games, tabletop roleplaying, and third person combat. The player puts together a deck of cards representing fantastic encounters and magical equipment, which get folded in with the Dealer’s cards and laid out on the table like a dungeon.
As the player moves their piece around the board the cards flip over, revealing a challenge, a fight, or a continuation of the story. If the player ends up in combat the view flies into the card and the battle plays out in real time. If the player gets to the end of the challenge they unlock more powerful cards. If they lose they’ll have to start the challenge over again. In Hand of Fate, player progress is ultimately measured by the size of your deck, and the more cards a player has unlocked the more tools they have at their disposal to counter the Dealer’s challenges.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Keneth

    June 29, 2017 at 15:33

    The game is running awesome !

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