For Honor – PS3

For Honor PS3

To Honor is a hack and slash video game in development by Ubisoft Montreal and ready to be published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was announced at the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo. The game features a hand-to-hand combat system described as “The Art of Battle” by developers and allows players to play the roles of historical soldiers as medieval knights, samurai, and Vikings.
A tactical combat system, known as the “Art of Battle”, is introduced into the game. Players enter a duel mode with another player, in which players aim at their opponents with their swords. Players can choose how to place and position their arms when they attack their enemies. Players can choose from three directions, up, right and left, to attack. By observing the movements of the character, which reflect their respective attack position, players can hit the weakest part of their enemies. Choosing the right position can block the attack of other players. The strength of each attack may also be decided by the players. The system is designed to allow players to “feel the weight of the weapon in [their] hand” Friendly fire is also featured in the game. Players can cause damage to their own teammates if they accidentally or intentionally hit them with their blades.

As the multiplayer modes are designed to include a structure similar to that of the shooters, the creative director of the game called for the honor of a “shooter with swords.” The first mode is called Dominion revealed a similar fashion to Domination, tasks players to capture control points. A single player campaign will also be included in the final game.

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