Destiny 2 – PS3

Destiny 2 PS3

Bit by tortuous bit Bungie has been ever-so-slowly teasing with what we may – and may not – see in the hotly anticipated sequel, so, just for you, on this page we’ve collated the very latest Destiny 2 news, rumours and red-hot speculation. The page is updated regularly as and when news drops, so keep coming back – we got you covered as you keep us safe on the Cosmodrome.

While there’s still plenty left to do in the original game (how’s your book completion looking, Guardian?), all eyes are on what Bungie has in store for the next generation of Guardians.

Reports indicate that Destiny 2 will make each individual planet feel like a more complete destination. Right now the Patrol Maps are a bit Theme Parkish, with little attractions like Patrol Missions connecting the Mission and Strike roller coasters. Though you can’t actually ride the roller coasters without leaving and re-entering the park first, so maybe this isn’t the best metaphor. Anyway, in Destiny 2, you could find new outposts and towns as you explore the world, each harboring their own missions and storylines. So yeah, it sounds a lot more MMORPG-ish.

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