Dead By Daylight – PS3

Dead By Daylight PS3

If the killer does find you (and he probably will) your options are limited. If you have a flashlight you can blind him temporarily, but your best bet is to run away. The killer moves faster than you can run, maintaining the traditional horror movie ‘ominous walk’, but you can slow him down by leaping through windows, or pushing down pallets to block his path. You want to put as many of these obstacles in between the two of you as possible as you flee for your life.

Fortunately for the survivors, a sixth sense mechanic alerts them to the presence of a nearby killer–the closer the killer is, the faster your survivor’s heart beats. Unfortunately the sound is obscured by generator revving as you repair it. When 90% repaired, the generator nearly drowns out the heartbeat entirely, forcing you to rely solely on your eyes to see the killer.

When you play as the killer, you’re able to see all the map’s generators at all times, allowing you to patrol them. If any of them are making noise, you know at least one survivor has been working on it, and you can hunt for signs that the others are nearby. Panicked survivors will sprint away, leaving scratches on nearby walls and breaks in the grass, and you can follow these markings to find your prey. Once you find your prey you chop them down, pick them up and put them on a hook, sacrificing them to your god after 60 seconds.

The scoring system initially encourages players to create exciting gameplay opportunities by rewarding risky play. Survivors who engage in lengthy, drawn out chases escaping the killer will earn more points for their boldness, and you can rack up the points by rescuing other survivors who have been captured but not yet sacrificed. As a killer you’re rewarded for killing more of the survivors, although a single sacrifice is counted as a victory. Inevitably though, this scoring system leads to immersion-breaking actions like exploiting the killer’s slow movement past obstacles, as survivors earn huge points by taunting their hunter.

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