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Wild is an upcoming open world survival adventure game developed by Wild Sheep Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Wild is set during the Neolithic period (6000-500 BC), in a procedurally generated world with an seemingly infinite size . Smaller animals can be used to spy on others, whilst larger animals can be used to support the player and their tribe in fights with other humans. Animals can be controlled by using shamanic like powers – once ‘possessing’ an animal the gameplay moves to the point of view of the controlled creature, and then proceeds using the skills and characteristics of that animal.

Wild began development in 2014 at Wild Sheep Studio, a company founded by former Ubisoft employee Michel Ancel. Initial plans for the game included a very large, continental sized open world, dynamic weather as well as seasonal variations, online play, and the ability to play as any creature in the world – such as wolves, sheep, fish and so on. A gameplay trailer for the game was shown at Gamescom 2014.

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