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Road Rage PC

The game’s story is pretty simple: you’re an average citizen who becomes a biker looking to become the biggest, baddest leader of the fastest, most dangerous gang in the region because there’s no other choice for you. That includes racing through locations, attacking civilians, fighting cops and generally unleashing chaos on the streets.

There are a total of 42 story missions and 56 side-missions in the game. All of it takes place in an open world environment. You can choose your gender, customize your character’s appearance and choose what class of motorcycle you want to race on.

There are multiple districts in the game that open up races across rural areas, mountains, suburban streets, downtown and the industrial district. It operates on a similar formula to the classic Road Rash games.

The game doesn’t appear to have the level of depth or variety in levels as Road Redemption, and the zaniness of Pixel Dash Studios’ title doesn’t appear to be making the transition into Road Rage.

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