Project CARS is not for everyone. It is a serious racing simulation, deep and demanding for those who like their pure motorsport. There are no pop punk soundtrack, or explosive takedowns, or rewinds generous. Slightly Mad Studios Developer sought to capture the experience of manhandling a real race car around a long list of some of the most famous racing circuits in the world and has been successful. Robust but satisfying and cruel but fair, Project CARS is a fantastic racing game with the potential to become a real force in the genre.

It is, however, for everyone – and that’s an important distinction. Project CARS is probably the most friendly racing sim I’ve ever played. Even a layman who wants to learn can immerse themselves in Project CARS and be able to find a set of parameters and options that massage in an experience that suits them, because the list of things to tweak is frankly exhaustive. There is much to admire here, from the incredibly authentic handling his cars and richly detailed tracks and powerful, but I am seriously impressed with what this game is malleable.

Project CARS offers all the typical crutches to aid stability control braking, but the options keep coming. Do not love that map to the track screen is on your HUD? Move elsewhere. Do you play with a flying device and find embarrassing to see a wheel on the screen too? You can remove the wheel dashboard. It is very well thought out.

What I prefer, however, is how Project CARS allows us to refine the overall AI difficulty and duration of the race before each session. The AI ​​works on a zero slider 100, which gives you the freedom to find a sweet spot that matches your ability. Find yourself out-qualification of the pack in seconds? Maybe call AI few notches until they are on par with you. Installed on a satisfying level of challenge, but need some more running time on a short track to challenge realistically for the first place? Increase the number of rounds for this event. Racers like Forza Motorsports series traditionally offer similar scope to increase or decrease the overall challenge before the races, but the implementation here is much more elegant and nuanced.

Project CARS is at its best with the opponent cars evenly matched, with each Overtake is a small victory, and it may take a turn (or more) to set up a pass, but if you prefer to feel as a hero and blast past any pack in two rounds last place on the grid, you can do it too. Project CARS you can ask to be one of these extreme and it will instantly oblige. low level IA opponent is nervous enough off the starting line, but in general, all opponents show a good knowledge of the situation and are satisfyingly aggressive without being total bullies. I found myself tagged by passing cars occasionally and mostly, opponents seem amusingly clever to avoid race incidents. Once I fought with a jerk AI pilot who (illegally) did not make his mandatory stop until the last lap of a race and won by passing the finish line in the pit lane, but it is also generally well behaved. The autodrive needs a little work well; Once I hung against an invisible barrier while stopping tire in Bathurst, but as you do not have manual control during the pit stops, I could not fix it and had to leave the race.

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  1. foxikirenu

    June 1, 2016 at 17:39

    The game runs perfectly on Windows 10
    Good job team ?

  2. jinn

    August 9, 2016 at 17:13

    Awesome…Thank U….. ?

  3. cuftica

    October 21, 2016 at 16:17

    Works Great!!!!!
    Many tnx!

  4. Arnold

    March 24, 2017 at 18:32

    Works GREAT !! TNX

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