Neopolis – PC

Neopolis PC

Neopolis is a Real Time Strategy game designed to remove stale genre conventions (like complicated technology-trees) and replace them with deep, innovative, yet accessible mechanics. It’s multiplayer focused, but will contain some single player functionality. (Computer opponent, tutorials, skirmish mode)“These are the gangs of the future: The Omni Street Warriors, The Disco Dazzlers The Coyotes…”The game’s setting is a futuristic city where matches take places in a augmented reality enhanced neighbourhoods. The game’s aesthetic successfully draws from iconic film and anime, effectively providing an interactive Blade-Runner-meets-Akira world.Players control a “crew” and their HQ and turf, in a futurist city . They must defeat other unaligned crews to gain their allegiance and access their unique abilities, and control their turf. Together they can control key buildings in the city to gain tactical advantage and enhance their abilities.Once ready they can attempt to conquer their opponent’s HQ and gain control of the city. Each crew is limited in size & must do with the members it has. Crew members can level up and gain abilities. They must be nurtured as they will be replaced by rookies when killed.

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  1. Louise

    February 13, 2017 at 18:46

    thxs.. the game works perfectly well.. seeding !!

  2. Chelsea

    July 6, 2017 at 16:06

    Thks for the upload !
    Game runs great !

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