Gears of War 4 – PC

Gears of War 4 PC

Gears of War 4 is a third person shooter video game coming developed by the Coalition and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox One. This will be the fifth installment of the Gears of War and the fourth main installment. The game is scheduled to be released worldwide on October 11, 2016.
Many previous games gameplay elements are retained such as taking cover to avoid damage and perform reloads. A new feature is the combat knife, which can be used for melee attacks and allows new ways to carry out executions. New weapons were introduced as well as Dropshot weapon that fires explosive exercises and Buzzkill that shoots saw blades ricocheting. Players can also carry a load of short shoulder, knocking enemies off balance and enemies can also take the players on the cover and perform their own takedowns. The game features 4 types of time: the heavy breeze (trees, leaves, kicking dust) and turn into violence Category 3 storms that can affect combat and the use of the weapon.
Gears of War 4 takes place 25 years after the Imulsion countermeasure weapon destroyed the Locust, Lambent and Imulsion on the planet Sera. Unfortunately, this also eliminated the use of fossil fuels, forcing humanity to adapt to new ways of survival.

The countermeasure has also brought the advent of “Windflares” the powerful storms that form throughout the planet. After following the outbreak of Lambent, the reformed Coalition of Ordered Governments estimated that only hundreds of thousands of human beings are left on Sera.

To prevent the declining population, the walled-off cities were built to protect citizens against external dangers. The COG has also declared martial law, preventing any travel outside the city walls. Some human survivors rejected the views of the COG and formed a group called the “Outsiders” who live outside the jurisdiction COG, conducting raids on the COG territory to gather resources.

The game focuses on J.D. Fenix ​​(son of Marcus Fenix ​​and Anya Stroud) alongside his friend Delmont “Del” Walker and Kait Diaz face a new threat to the survival of humanity.

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