Enigma Rising Tide – PC

Enigma Rising Tide - PC

Sims in general are uncommon on the PC these days, and finding a naval sim, let alone a good one, is about as likely as winning the lottery. That’s why Enigma: Rising Tide is such a pleasant surprise. Actually, the game isn’t exactly a sim, but rather an “alternate-history WWII massively multiplayer first-person vehicular naval combat game,” in the words of developer Tesseraction Games. That’s quite an awkward mouthful, and the bit about “massively multiplayer” isn’t quite correct, but the description does give you an idea of what Enigma is all about. Combining an accessible simulation with some shooter and RPG elements and loads of exciting action, Enigma is a game for people who’d rather watch Das Boot than wade through a dry-as-dust volume of official naval history. It’s a game that intelligently simulates the drama of World War II tactical naval combat instead of simulating naval minutiae.

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