Battleborn – PC

Battleborn PC

Battleborn is developed by the team behind the hybrid role-shooter critically acclaimed Borderlands 2, and is an ambitious fusion of genres. The game combines highly stylized visuals and frantic first-person shooter, with the cooperative action of the first gearbox plan industry, and a vast collection of various heroes. Battleborn is set in the distant future of a universe of imaginative science-fantasy where players experience both a cooperative campaign focused on storytelling and competitive multiplayer matches.

Battleborn is a hero-shooter that merges team first person shooter with a deep list of playable heroes. No two heroes play the same, and each has unique weapons, powers and personalities that can be fully experienced in the mission of the cooperative campaign, or a single competitive multiplayer game.
The history of Battleborn is located in a fantastic science fiction distant future, where all but a star in the universe is dark past at the hands of vicious Varelsi. A single solitary lighthouse hope remains – the last star, Solus. In the wake of chaos, different species of survivors took refuge in the Solus system and form five factions based on their beliefs. Battleborn called Heroes emerge from each faction and fight for what little resources are left in the system. Now the Varelsi threaten to finish what they started, and only a united team of the most powerful heroes of the universe can stop them.
Play through story mode repeatable episodes to save the last star in the world of Rendain and Varelsi. Here are some things you can expect in the Story Mode Battleborn:

Play Solo: Complete missions to unlock the next.
Play Co-Op: Three episodes are available for players to vote regardless of whether or not they have released this solo card.
Be Right Back: You can not join a game that is already in progress … However, you can join your team if you have been disconnected from the game.
Find friends: Go to the Home screen to party with friends or find teammates at random, then get cracking on the next episode of the story. When searching for the co-op random fellow players, you will be matched with others who are similar to your own skill level.
Hardcore Mode: When the going gets tough, make it more difficult! If you’re up for a challenge, go back in Hardcore mode and jump into the Story episodes for extra loot, new unlockable content, and some fighting really, really hard.
Before Battleborn joined forces to save the universe, they fought each other for scarce resources that were left. Team up with other players to fight on three competitive multiplayer modes, Incursion, Capture, and Meltdown.

Incursion: Take two Spider Sentry Drones enemy before they get to yours.
Capture: It is a classic confrontation capture and control between two teams of heroes … but more badass!
Meltdown: Each team minions waves march to their deaths, and score points for each minion flowing into the incinerator. The team with the most scrap metal, wins.
Skill-Based Matchmaking: queue in regular competitive multiplayer matches to be matched with and against players of similar qualifications.
Map Counts: Each mode has 2 cards with many more to come after the launch. Take a look at our plans for DLC free here.
Private matches: Get some practice with competing private matches. Customize the size of the 1v1 5v5 or team by tipping the requirement of uniqueness off for a full team of Oscar Mike clones! Private matches also can play against AI bots, but just to keep, no cheesing XP from the bot matches.

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  1. zivimubuca

    May 25, 2016 at 16:57

    Downloaded, installed, working like charm …
    Thanks as always!

  2. Fapfaps

    August 2, 2016 at 17:54

    games working 100% for me

  3. Lloyd

    March 13, 2017 at 18:43

    Game loads perfect !

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