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Epic Mickey – WII

Epic Mickey - WII

Disneyland has the slogan, “The happiest place on earth,” but you won’t find much joy in Mickey’s adventure through this Magic Kingdom. This evocative trip through Disney’s hallowed history offers clever twists to the characters and imagery that have become ingrained in the popular consciousness, but these artistic touches are not enough to salvage the rest of the dour experience. A number of fundamental design flaws derail this colorful adventure before it ever has a chance to get going. Sloppy controls and a woeful camera continually stand in the way of your progress, but it’s the preponderance of dull objectives that smothers any whiff of enjoyment. It just isn’t fun to play Epic Mickey; even though the thoughtful story and imaginative visuals do their best to urge you along, it’s not worth trudging through the uninspired and frustrating set pieces to get there. Epic Mickey uses nostalgia to suck you into this world, but its reliance on antiquated gameplay makes it a difficult game to endure.

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