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Days Of War Xbox 360

First-person shooter fans have been begging for more WWII games for a long time, but sine the major players in this business seem to be all about sci-fi these days, a lot of smaller developers have stepped up to deliver the goods.

We have previously reported about the upcoming Kickstarter project Battalion 1944 which reached its target very quickly, and now another war game in the same genre is trying to repeat the success via crowdfunding. This game is called Days of War from Driven Arts and the developers makes no secret that they want to “revive the style of classic WWII shooters from the 2000-2010 era.”

The game is planned to launch later this year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but to make sure this happens and accelerate the development, they need some extra wonga. The developers explain that “Days of War is about cold steel and hot lead. You and your rifle, no more, no less” and adds to that “and certainly not drone strikes ordered from iPads”.

Head over this way to take a closer look and possibly add some of your own money to the fund. Here is the very first trailer for the game, along with some early footage.

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