Quake Champions – PS4

Quake Champions PS4

Bethesda started its press conference off with a bang: Quake is back as Quake Champions.

Quake Champions is a revamped, modern update of the classic shooter franchise designed to appeal to all players. It’s being designed for “world-class e-sports play” and Bethesda is clearly trying to make this game a killer competitive play: It’s only for PC and will run at 120Hz with an unlocked frame rate, and there apparently won’t be a story mode; it will be online-only.

Characters will have different abilities and it pretty heavily inspired by MOBAs, which sounds about right because every game is inspired by MOBAs these days. It seems like it’s retaining the acrobatic, frenetic nature of the classic ’90s shooter, and given the fact that Bethesda has somehow been able to make DOOM and Wolfenstein relevant again with fantastic new games recently, we’ve got high hopes for Quake Champions.

Unfortunately though, details and footage beyond a pre-rendered trailer are few and far between because Bethesda is keeping the big reveal reserved for QuakeCon later this year. You can watch the trailer below:

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